7th September: Policy UK Forum

Responding to the UK’s Flooding Challenge:

Key Points

  • Discussion of the outcomes and recommendations of the National Flood Resilience Review
  • Predicting and Planning for Floods of the Future
  • Managing Our Waterways: Flows, Catchment Management and Innovative Approaches
  • Flooding Response: Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Planning

This event provides an opportunity to discuss the outcomes and recommendations of the National Flood Resilience Review due to be published this summer in addition to the two forthcoming parliamentary inquiries examining future flood prevention and cooperation across Government regarding flooding.

Delegates will examine the latest Environment Agency and Met Office weather modelling, how the UK’s National and Local Governments can utilise the data to create effective action plans and preparations for potential flooding and how climate change is impacting the ability of authorities to predict and respond to extreme whether events. The morning will also consider degree to which planning of new developments adequately take into account flood risk up and down river as well as the way forward for the Flood Re insurance scheme.

Planned sessions will consider the latest thinking on integrated catchment management and the challenge of implementing ‘natural measures’ as means for prevention and how to assess the impact of changes in one location on the flood risks in another. Attendees will also examine how to strike a balance between the needs of farmers (and others in rural settings) and those in more densely populated cities and towns.

Discussions will also focus on the funding required to ensure there are sufficient defences to protect key infrastructure and whether the funding provided by Government is enough. The response to flooding from local authorities, the emergency services and communities will also covered to allow debate over whether there needs to be a more coordinated response to the damage caused by severe flooding