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    COP26 and COP27 saw world leaders come together to shape the world’s recovery from Covid-19, and its preparedness for a warmer and wetter planet – both now and in the future. However, whilst ‘Net Zero’ is critically important, it is adaptation and resilience that should now take centre stage.

    Climate change is already increasing the likelihood of flooding, with six of the wettest years in history having occurred since 1998. It is now the greatest natural disaster risk in the UK, with an estimated 1 in 6 properties in England and Wales at risk. Without urgent action, many more people will experience its devastating consequences in the years to come.

    Much of the debate is about efforts to slow the pace of climate change. This is essential – but it is equally important to recognise that we cannot stop it altogether and must take steps now to adapt; impacts of climate change are happening now. Further flooding is inevitable, but it is in our power to ensure that we are prepared for when it does occur.

    To reduce the risk of damage from flooding and build resilience, a broad set of measures are needed.

Build Back Better

Our Build Back Better proposals, which have Government support, are designed to reduce the cost and impact of future floods by including property resilience measures as part of flood repairs.

Our research found that not only will Build Back Better encourage PFR take-up, it will also reduce the severity and frequency of flood insurance claims. This will mean reduced costs for insurers and lower premiums for households. Furthermore, by driving innovation and raising standards across the market, Build Back Better will benefit the entire UK housing stock.

Mary Dhonau visits Karen in Appleby who has been flooded three times. In 2015, Karen was forced out of her home for eight months when 1.5m of water filled her home, which led to an insurance bill of £48k. Mary talks to Karen to find out how installing PFR enabled her to return home within only 24-hours of being flooded in 2020, with minimum disruption.

Road to COP26

Flood Re took the Floodmobile on tour around the UK, finishing in Glasgow ahead of COP26 to highlight the need for property adaptation and flood resilience measures. The Floodmobile showcases around 50 property flood resilience measures which are installed into the mobile facility.

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Flood Re CEO Andy Bord announces another step forward for Build Back Better.                                                                                                                        Three more insurers commit to provide resilient repairs after a flood

Andy Bord speaks at the World Climate Summit’s Insuring for Resilience panel discussion.                                                                                              Watch the session on demand

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Flood Insurance: Ox-Cam Pathfinder Project interviews Flood Re

The Ox-Cam PFR Pathfinder’s ‘Floodmobile’ tour highlighted that many people who live in an area considered ‘at risk’ of flooding hadn’t heard of Flood Re. The Government-backed flood insurance scheme is designed to support those living at risk of flooding access appropriate insurances for their homes, and several people we talked to during the tour didn’t know that they could obtain flood insurances. Mary Dhonau went to see Dermot Kehoe, Flood Re’s Communications and Transition Director, to find out a bit more about Flood Re and how it works.

Property Flood Resilience in York

York resident, Selena speaks about how flooding has affected her home and the range of different ways that they have adapted their property to make it more flood resilient.

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