• We’re helping insurers to help householders at risk of flooding.

    The Flood Re Tool will tell you if your property might qualify for support. Remember, it’s always good to shop around.

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Could my property qualify for Flood Re?

This tool lets you see if your property may qualify for Flood Re. We won’t ask for personal details. It’s a general guide to eligibility.

However, it’s the insurers that choose whether or not to reinsure that property through us.

Remember, it pays to shop around for the right policy.


Finding the right policy for your home

First, use the Flood Re Tool to see if your property might qualify for support. Then, shop around to find a policy that provides the right cover for your situation.

Flood Re works behind the scenes – there is no difference in the way you buy a policy or make a claim.

Which insurers take part in Flood Re?

The list opposite reflects some of the insurers who are currently involved in the Flood Re scheme. They all provide home insurance in the UK. It’s up to them to decide if they’ll offer you a policy and make use of Flood Re for it. Please note that insurers are able to opt out of being listed on our website as participant in the scheme.

They also set the price for your policy, not Flood Re. We don’t offer advice or give recommendations. Please contact your insurer directly if you have any questions about Flood Re.