#FloodReTour Day 4 – Flood Re’s LEJOG. Street to Leominster

The team – now made up of the “core-four”, Harriet Boughton, Gary McInally, Chris Bradbury and Andrew Creedon – woke to, yes amazingly, another sunny day. The team convened for breakfast and discussed their plan of attack for the journey ahead. Remarkably, Chris was still hungry after taking down a chicken “sharing” platter for dinner that could have genuinely fed a family of four.

Before setting off, the cyclists, still in high spirits, humored the support team and posed for their obligatory morning photo. That being said, we may have to pay Harriet to use her image, as she is now somewhat of a local celebrity appearing on BBC Radio Gloucestershire during the morning news bulletins (listen here).


The team took full advantage of the beautiful weather, covering 40 miles before stopping for their first break. This was particular impressive considering they had to overcome the Ebbor Gorge, which is a continuous 1.8 mile climb of approximately 210 meters. When asked about the gorge Harriet summed up her experience in one word – “brutal”. Thankfully, the team were so excited by their 11:30am snack choices of carrots, celery and hummus, they soon forgot about the horrors of Ebbor Gorge.


The next planned stop was for the meet and greet at 2:45pm in Gloucester town centre. The team arrived right on time and were met by a number of local residents, councillors and Richard Graham, the Member of Parliament for Gloucester.



With the successful event coming to a close, Gary took some time to reflect on how it had gone for him – he stated, “I didn’t even eat any cake, my wife wouldn’t believe me.”

With 44 miles left to cover, the team topped up their water bottles and prepared to set off. Still having this far to cycle at 4:00pm on a Saturday afternoon would scare most mere mortals – but not our team (see the below photo for evidence).


Rolling into Leominster at 7:30pm, the team completed their 116 miles for the day – bringing their grand total mileage to approximately 322.