Flood Re – we’re also here to help you find out more about flooding and how to minimise the risk to your property

Downloads and Links

More information about understanding your flood risk, preparing for a flood and how to get support in the case of a flood is available from the links and organisations below.

For details about which types of properties will be included in the scheme please take a look at our guidance checklist for eligibility

For take away information, download a copy of our pdf guides to Flood Re here:

England  | Scotland  | Northern Ireland  | Wales

Understanding your flood risk:

You’ll find more details about flood risk surveys and the right kind of flood protection for your home here:

Flood risk surveys and advice

How to prepare yourself in case of a flood

Find out more about flood risks levels in your area and what you can do to prevent flooding.

Support if you have been flooded

If you have been flooded and need to make a claim please contact your insurer directly.

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