Flood Re is one of the most significant innovations ever to be introduced to the home insurance market

A number of guides are available for download to help participants to on-board, build and test their systems with Flood Re as well as some other more general guides.  These are listed below:

System build, connectivity and testing guides

Technical specifications – version 6

The Flood Re Technical Specifications which outline the system and process requirements for connecting with Flood Re, most recently updated on 25th November 2016 and are available from the Flood Re service desk.

Email: servicedesk@floodre-operations.co.uk

Bordereaux completion guide – version 4

If you would like the claims and underwriting appendices that are referenced in the Bordereaux Completion Guide in either csv or excel format please contact us directly at servicedesk@floodre-operations.co.uk

Web Portal and Connectivity Guide – This provides useful information about connecting with the Flood Re Portal and how to log online queries.

Underwriting and Claims System Error Responses – This provides plain English descriptions for both schema and business rules errors.

Release Notes 2.4 – This outlines the recent changes made to the Flood Re Portal to support PDH Address Exceptions.

PDH Release V7.4 – This outlines the recent update to the Property Data Hub data.

Flood Re Lite

Flood Re Lite – Guidance for industry participants who are expected to be ‘lite’ or low volume users of the Flood Re scheme.

Underwriting bordereau template (Flood Re Lite)

Claims bordereau template (Flood Re Lite)

General guides

Payments Dispute Procedure – This provides details of our payments dispute process for participants.

Dispute Process v1.0 – This document sets out the key principles of the dispute process and provides an overview for industry participants.

Flood Re Audit Process v1.0 – This document sets out our approach to both primary and secondary audits and the framework and engagement ceding insurers can expect.

Exception Process – This document sets out our approach to exception management.

Address Matching – This document sets out our approach to address matching, ensuring eligible properties can be ceded to Flood Re.

Managing Delegated Authorities – This document provides some guidance to insurers around managing delegated authorities involving Flood Re.

General information about Flood Re

Flood Re Scheme Documents

The final Scheme documents and Regulation for Flood Re can be found here:

Guide for brokers

Guide to Flood Re for Brokers – April 2016 – This document describes how brokers can start participating in the Flood Re scheme and begin providing benefits to customers.

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