• Progress

    Flood Re is upgrading its market facing systems.

    The portal that scheme participants use to interact with the scheme will be changing in 2022.

    The current portal has been in place for the last 5 years and Flood Re has launched a programme to upgrade its service to participants and make it fit for the future.

    The current portal fulfils two main purposes; it is the location of the Property Data Hub and the tool through which insurers submit policy and claims bordereaux to the scheme.

    From 2022, Flood Re will have a dedicated portal for property address matching services, alongside a separate optimised platform for the submission of bordereaux.

    Below we have set out how each of these services will change.

Flood Re’s new Property Data Hub was launched in April 2022.  It is now supported by Addresscloud and you’ll find it on this link.

We’ve optimised security measures meaning that certificates don’t need to be installed on your device.  We’ve also restructured the data, which results in a much better match rate when searches are performed.

There’s a help section in the portal as well as direct links to get support if needed.

Single Address Look Up

We’ve upgraded the single address look up facility.  The new PDH offers a better user experience and additional flexibility in the way you are able to search for addresses. Users can now search on address, as well as UPRN and UDPRN.

Offline File

The format of the downloadable address file is the same as before and therefore rating systems should not require any changes to accommodate the system changes Flood Re has made.  The offline file is now located in the new PDH and you’ll be able to download it from there every quarter.

Flood Re has temporarily paused production of the address file and after version 28, the next version released will be version 31 in January 2023.

Getting started

The new PDH is ready and waiting on this link. Take a look at our guide to getting started with the Property Data Hub.

PDH Getting Started Guide April 2022

  • Bordereau Submission

    Flood Re’s Bordereau submissions service will be provided by Watertrace and located on here from 2022.

    The format, structure and data requirements for both the underwriting and claims bordereaux will stay the same and should therefore not require any changes to how you create them. It is only the portal and supporting system that will change. Users who submit bordereaux to the scheme will need to do so using Flood Re’s new portal.

    Users of the new portal will notice enhancements in the user experience, particularly in respect of handling errors and exceptions.

    By 2022 all existing Flood Re data will have been migrated to the new system and all future submissions and adjustments for existing claims and policies will need to be submitted through the new system from this date.

    How will it transition?

    If you regularly submit claims or underwriting bordereaux, we will shortly be contacting you to outline how the submission process will change and what to do whilst the migration is taking place.

    A testing environment is expected to be available later this year, allowing users to practice and test using the new system (with existing bordereaux).  Users interested in taking part in acceptance testing should contact support@floodre.co.uk