Flood Re welcomes Government funding for resilience projects

Flood Re welcomes the Government’s announcement that £2.9 million in funding has been awarded to three flood resilience projects across Yorkshire, Devon and Cornwall, and Central England. The three projects will receive up to £700,000 to boost research into, and uptake of,

Flood Re plans to make Britain more resilient to flooding

Flood Re has today announced proposals outlining how to encourage more properties across the UK to be made resilient to flooding. Flood Re was established to promote the availability and affordability of household insurance for eligible homes and, over its lifetime, enable

Inland flood defences save the UK £1.1 billion a year

£1.1 billion a year of flood damage is being prevented by the UK’s current network of river barriers and defences, according to landmark research being published today. It’s the first time the financial contribution of river water defences has been quantified in

Flood Re premiums cut by up to £112 from New Year’s Day

Scheme anticipates that households in flood-prone parts of the country may pay significantly less for home insurance from January 2019 From 1 January 2019, the Flood Re reinsurance premiums charged to insurers will be cut by up to £112. The decision is

Guest blog: Paul Cobbing, Chief Executive of National Flood Forum

Paul Cobbing, Chief Executive of National Flood Forum joins us to look at the importance of the Let’s Talk About Flooding campaign With the growing population, an increasing demand for housing, ageing infrastructure and the impacts of climate change, flooding is a

Guest blog: London Flood Awareness Week – how prepared are you for flooding in London?

Did you know that 1.3 million people are living and working in areas of the city at risk of tidal and river flooding? How about that around a third of London’s basement properties are at risk of flooding in a severe storm?