The National Flood Forum and the Scottish Flood Forum, supported by Flood Re, are looking to further mobilise and engage with communities on the ground in flood affected areas.

A series of conferences and events for communities affected by flooding will allow people to share their experiences, build networks of like-minded people and work together to tackle the issues of living with flood risk.

Through a series of regional events across the UK people will be brought together to talk about flooding.

Purpose of the events

  • Talk to others in similar situations
  • Share experiences
  • Meet and network
  • Seek advice and information
  • Consider how we can work together for change

‘Let’s Talk’ Topics

The events will welcome some expert speakers from the flood industry and flood community groups to cover a range of topics and discussions points:

  • Issues and problems experienced from flooding
  • How is flooding being tackled?
  • Success, issues and concerns
  • Developing a shared flooding agenda
  • Developing a flood movement
  • Support needed from flood affected communities

Got a question to ask about flooding that you would like covered? Submit your query via Twitter @FloodRe #FloodTalk.

Event programme

Our regional events will be taking place from November until early 2019. Keep checking back for updates on an event coming to a place near you:



10 November 2018
Maple House, Birmingham


23 November 2018
Angel Centre, Tonbridge, Kent


Location TBC


Northern Ireland
Location TBC


North of England
Location TBC


Location TBC


Is there a particular location you’d like us to visit? Let us know via Twitter @FloodRe #FloodTalk.