• Flood Re is helping insurers to help householders at risk of flooding.

    Flood Re is a re-insurance Scheme that makes flood cover more widely available and affordable as part of your home insurance.

    Flood Re helps households at the highest risk of flooding. We also provide information about taking action to reduce flood risk. Flood Re will run for 25 years, at which point insurers should be offering policies based on actual risk to property.

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  • Our story so far

    The Government’s been working with insurers since 2000 to help make flood risk insurance more affordable.

    In 2016, a previous solution was replaced with a longer-term plan. The previous solution was called the Flood Insurance Statement of Principles.

    Today, we’re working towards a future in which risk-reflective pricing helps to keep householders’ premiums down.

    Flood Re is due to run until 2039.

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Our future

Our vision is for a future of affordable flood insurance for all. Flood Re is planned to be in place until 2039 and after this date, there will be a free market for flood risk insurance.


Contact Flood Re

We handle risks through insurers, we don’t work directly with householders. If you have a question or complaint about a policy, please contact your insurer in the first instance.

Media enquiries
Please contact: floodre@headlandconsultancy.com

Please contact: support@floodre.co.uk
+44 (0)330 912 7700


We set high standards. If something we’re doing doesn’t meet your expectations, then we’d like to know.

You may contact us with feedback here:

Flood Re Limited
75 King William Street
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Email: information@floodre.co.uk

We pass on compliments. Any complaints are always investigated fully and fairly, keeping you informed along the way. We’ll take all feedback seriously and will always let you know the outcome of any investigations.