• Flood Re

    Flood Re is a joint initiative between the Government and insurers. Its aim is to make the flood cover part of household insurance policies more affordable.


UK flood risks

In the UK, hundreds of thousands of homes could be harder to insure because they’re at high risk of flooding.

If your home is more likely to flood, then insurers may need to charge higher insurance premiums.

Flood Re is here to help.

Could my home flood?

Find out if you live in a high-risk flood area:

Flood risk per country: England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

This tool will open a new tab with third-party results or a flood risk map of the property’s country. Flood Re is not responsible for the information provided on this site. For more information visit: gov.uk/check-flood-risk

Commons questions

  • What is the difference between tax, levy and duty

    A tax is a financial charge on individuals or businesses collected by the Government. It’s used to pay for public spending. A duty is a type of tax that’s charged specifically on the value of goods and services, such as VAT. A levy is an obligatory payment to the Government or another organisation.

  • Why can’t I get access to the Flood Re Scheme?

    It may be because your property isn’t eligible. Our Flood Re tool may help you to see if this is the case. Ultimately though, the decision to make use of the Flood Re Scheme for your policy remains with your insurance provider. Please contact your insurer if you have more questions about this.

  • How is Flood Re funded?

    Our funding comes from three sources – a Levy, a premium and an excess – all of which are paid by insurers.

    Every year, we collect a Levy from insurers offering home insurance in the UK. In total that provides £135m every year for us to use for administering the Scheme and reimbursing insurers for valid claims.

    Then, when we accept a flood risk, we also charge the insurer a fixed premium. That amount is tied to your home’s council tax band, not the actual flood risk. This helps to keep the overall price of the policy down. There’s a limited excess of £250 for each policy, as well.

Flood Re – your stories

Real savings made by people just like you. Stories from people who’ve found more affordable flood insurance, thanks to Flood Re.