Presentation: How the scheme works – download

Lots of community groups and flood associated organisations are spreading the word about Flood Re. This presentation has been created for groups to use at local events to help explain how the scheme works

A positive change for those affected by flooding.

Flood Re – a positive change for those affected by flooding Brendan McCafferty, CEO at Flood Re Being flooded is a devastating experience. Sadly it is one that those who have lived through it know only too well. However, the trauma of dealing with

Annual Statutory Accounts

You can review our annual statutory accounts for year ended 31 March 2016 here.

Consumer Leaflet:

We have created a leaflet to help explain the Flood Re scheme and how it works. The leaflet is available for download in multiple languages depending on which country you are in

Flood Re Explained: Video

Confused about how Flood Re works or simply interested in better understanding Flood Re? Find out more in this short video

How does it work?

If you are confused about how Flood Re works, then check out this visual which explains how the industry has come together to provide this new scheme