We are planning on buying a holiday home. We’ve been told it may be difficult to get insurance as it’s in a flood risk area. Will this be included in the Flood Re Scheme?

If the insurance policy is in your name and meets our criteria, then Flood Re should help your holiday home. It has to be in a Council Tax band, built prior to January 2009, and used for residential purposes. The policyholder or their immediate family must live in the home for some or all of the time, or the home must be unoccupied.

Will my caravan be covered under the Flood Re Scheme?

If you have a static caravan and it has a Council Tax band, then your caravan will qualify for Flood Re. But if your caravan is part of a commercial caravan park and let out as a business, it will not be included. Towing caravans are covered either under your motor insurance or a separate caravan policy. They’re excluded from Flood Re.

My home was an office once, will it qualify now?

If there’s evidence the property was built and used as a private residence before 2009, then it may do. Use our Flood Re Tool to learn more.

Will Flood Re cover items that aren’t kept in my property?

No. Flood Re will only reimburse insurers for damage done to contents that were in the property at the time of flooding.

Some policies offer cover for ‘resilient repairs’, will Flood Re handle these?

In some cases yes. If the insurer is signed up to our Build Back Better scheme homeowners may be able to install Property Flood Resilience measures up to the value of £10,000 when repairing their home after a flood.

My home is ‘mixed use’, could it qualify for Flood Re?

Yes, as long as it doesn’t attract business rates.


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