My Insurer offers BBB but I wasn’t eligible on my recent claim – why?

Each Insurer chooses different criteria which need to be met before BBB applies.  This might mean that a certain claim threshold needs to be met, BBB might only be offered on a second flood or BBB only applies after a policy renews.  Check with your Insurer for more details.

Can people who were flooded before it was introduced benefit from it?

If a claim has already been started before the household joins the BBB scheme it is not eligible.  However, properties who have been flooded in the past and have a new claim after the insurer has started to offer BBB can take advantage of BBB (if included in their policy wording).

Is it only for consumers living in flood risk areas or can anyone benefit?

Each insurer will be different – customers should check with their insurance company if they offer BBB and if their policy includes BBB.

Which insurers are signed up?

An up to date list of insurers offering BBB is available on our website here: Build Back Better – Flood Re

Why are some Insurers not signed up?

There has been a fantastic response to BBB from Insurers so far, however this is a new initiative, there are many internal changes to be made for an Insurer before being able to move forward.  Flood Re offers support and advice to Insurers who intend to offer BBB and are in talks with the market to try to get as many Insurers on board as possible

Will all Insurers eventually offer it?

Our hope is that Build Back Better will eventually be standardised for home insurance policies


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